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With a variety of natural resource professionals on staff, including Ontario Registered Professional Foresters, biologists, ecologists, environmental scientists, and GIS specialists, Giiwedin Environmental Services has the capacity and expertise to meet the needs for a wide variety of clients and projects. Giiwedin is committed to finding creative solutions to complex issues, while ensuring resource decisions are environmentally, socially, and economically balanced. With our diverse team and varied skillsets, Giiwedin Environmental Services is able to offer a full suite of environmental services related to forestry, mining, and infrastructure development. From baseline studies and planning, to decommission and remediation plans, we are capable of successfully guiding you through your natural resource project.


Capacity Building

  • Youth Engagement and Mentoring

  • Community Workshops and Information Sessions

  • Joint Ventures

  • Community-led land use planning

  • Traditional knowledge collection and mapping


Environmental Assessment

  • Environmental baseline studies (design, implementation) including vegetation, wetlands, fish, wildlife and Species at Risk

  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat assessment

  • Vegetation and wetland management

  • Monitoring program development

  • Right-of-way and route selection

  • Fisheries Assessments

  • Indigenous and stakeholder outreach, and government coordination and negotiation


Forest Management Services

  • Annual Work Schedules

  • Annual Reporting

  • Independent Forest Audit support

  • Development and implementation of Silvicultural programs

  • Project management

  • Regeneration monitoring & Silvicultural Effectiveness surveys

  • Tree improvement & seed orchard maintenance

  • General forestry consulting services



  • Geomatics Capacity Building

  • GIS Analysis and Database Management Systems

  • Custom GIS Applications

  • Cartography and Visualization

  • Spatial Data Collection


Species At Risk

  • Species at Risk surveys (eg. Caribou, Eastern Whip-poor Will, Bats, Turtles, Songbirds) and permitting

  • Impact assessment, avoidance, and mitigation strategies

  • Project support for requirements under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act (ESA) including:

    • Completion of Information Gathering Forms (IGF)

    • SAR Mitigation Plans

    • Overall Benefit (OB) permits

    • Monitoring


Forest Management Planning

  • Professional Forester services

  • Development of Forest Management Plans

  • Forest Management Plan maintenance services

  • Long-term strategic modelling and planning

  • Data preparation/analysis

  • Stakeholder Consultation & Information Centers



  • Natural Environment reporting in support of aggregate pit or quarry permits/licences

  • Species at Risk Permitting (federal and provincial)

  • Overall Benefit Permitting for provincial Species at Risk, namely Woodland Caribou

  • Species at Risk Mitigation Plan development


Forestry Regulatory Review and Analysis

  • Forest Certification services

  • Jurisdictional policy scans

  • Review of policy barriers and strategic opportunities

  • Identification of applicable case studies and research

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